About our Funders

Live Again Fresno is the result of a Grassroots movement to serve the Parkway Drive Area, led by Richard Burrell since it's earliest activity in 2011. Our founding funders are Community Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Builders, Helpers, Parents, and a great many other labels, but most of all they are powerful people who saw a diamond in the rough.

Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health

Fresno County DBH invests in LAF's ability to provide safe space for Young People and Families on Parkway Drive. Through the Prevention & Early Intervention Programs, the Youth Empowerment Center model is a sustainable way to build the human capital in our cities' highest opportunity zones.

Fresno County DBH


Ashwood Construction Company

Ashwood knows building. With more than 17,000 Multi-Family units in California, their pride is serving families as a Family-Owned and Operated Company.

In Live Again Fresno, Ashwood Construction saw potential and has aided our development according to their expertise; they have always helped LAF get the next piece required to build our mission.

Two passenger vans later and a whole lot of critical support during COVID-19 has built a deep partnership between Ashwood and our Mission building families on Parkway.

Ashwood Construction Company

Ashwood Construction Co.


Phone: (559) 253-7240
Fax: (559) 253-7244

Email: contact@ashwoodco.com
CA Contractors License #: 570542

5755 East Kings Canyon Rd., Suite 110
Fresno CA 93727

Cal Custom Tile

Cal Custom Tile makes new things beautiful, and makes old things beautiful, again. They are an anchor in the San Joaquin Valley having provided luxury building and renovations across a spectrum of building projects and partners.

Their impact on LAF has been no different than that of any home their hands make contact with, partnering to put in the work remodeling Parkway Drive for the generations of children who will continue to call it home.

Without Cal Custom Tile, LAF would not have survived launching and the challenges of a startup organization, believing resolutely in our mission and providing steadfast support.

Cal Custom Tile

Cal Custom Tile


Phone: 559-875-1460
Fax: 559-875-1480

1300 Commerce Way
Sanger, Ca 93657

Bank of America

Bank of America helps build thriving communities by addressing issues fundamental to economic health and sustainability.

Bank of America is committed to invest $1 billion over four years to advance racial equality and economic opportunity, building on work they've had underway for many years. Their actions will help address critical issues and long-term gaps, including skills and job readiness, medical capacity and access, small business support, and affordable housing.

Bank of America

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Community Commitment


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