Live Again Fresno

Loving our community

Serving Parkway and Addams

Live Again serves children along the Parkway and Jane Addams neighborhoods

What is
Live Again Fresno?

Live Again Fresno serves children and families living in motels along Parkway Drive. Many of life’s journeys bring our family members here, but children never get to choose.

What We Do


After School Program

Our After School Program picks children up from their place of residence for regular activities, as well as exposure trips that introduce them to a larger worldview. Quality, long term mentorship is among the strongest tools in youth development.

Mobile Food Service

Our Mobile Food Service Program provides meals during Summer and Winter months, when youth food insecurity is at its highest. Our presence and time spent in volatile motel parking lots is meant to meet children at their most vulnerable stages.

Parent Partners

Our Parent Partners come alongside mothers and families to establish trust, build relationships, and assess deeper needs. There is knowledge in trauma and experienced mentors can ease the troubles of seeking redemption.

By The Numbers

Motel Properties
Motel Room Doors
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Meals served to kids since 2017 (untracked to this date)
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Children living on Parkway Drive

How You Can Help


Donate to provide a child with food, books, and clothing. Support exposure activities, after school meals, internships, and more.


Volunteer at one of our upcoming events or at our after school program. These dodgeballs don’t throw themselves.

Hang Out

Spend time with kids and get to know them. A quality, long term mentor is an effective tool in building leaders.