Crystal Melendez

Crystal and her boys are a picture of our mission at LAF.

Written by: Crystal Melendez  |  Date: October 3rd, 2018

"LAF means family to me, "Love After Failures". At one point in my life, all I did was fail and when I met everyone at LAF that changed.

I've learned to be a mom, gotten sober off the dope and found some hope. Live Again Fresno is the real definition of family, something I never really had. My life and my family's life have been changed forever.

God has used LAF to teach me how to love myself, love my children the way that they deserve, to be loved and to love others the way the God sees fit. I've learned so much! I'm a different person today than I was when I 1st came across LAF.

I am for forever grateful to be part of such an amazing family with a much bigger purpose. Life After Failure."

Live Again Fresno

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