July Newsletter

New Space, Same Mission.


New Location Announcement:
5 Thanks You's from LAF

In 2012, LAF called the trunk of a car it’s home. Sack lunches and sports equipment were the tools of the trade, and building quality relationships with children and families on Parkway Drive was the job (read: mission).

For some time, it was in a hotel room offered by motel owners where LAF served its’ mission, running everything from bible studies to school tutoring to art classes, assisting mothers and families in their quest for redemption.  A tiny office by the airport was a blessing for a time, allowing the team to handle the administrative needs of a growing organization.

Moving into the mission area was the highest priority in LAF’s 2017 move to the Belmont office. The After School Program could no longer operate in public spaces full time, and the Mobile Food Service Program required an operating facility close to the neighborhood.

"All our broken pieces fit together in the kingdom." -Richard Burrell

In July of 2019, we are blessed to announce our move into 1145 Hedges Avenue, where God and our beloved supporters have provided yet another place to share meals, games and life with our cherished family.

This location represents a long sought after vision of LAF's, that among the chaos of Parkway Drive children can find peace and experience the innocent joy of childhood. This move is our opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our family members in the struggle, and provide daily services to achieve better outcomes.

Growth of programs, expansion of existing efforts, and redemptions of new family members are all tempting future achievements to speculate about, but for 7 years of sweat and tears it is worth taking a moment to celebrate and express gratitude.

  1. Thanks be to God. Regardless of your beliefs, it is only a truly perfect father that could love us in spite of ourselves and give the grace he offers freely day in day out, FULL STOP.

  2. THANK YOU! If you’re receiving this by text or email than in some small way you have contributed to where we are today.

  3. Thank Richard, Roxanne, their children, Desiree, JaNessa and the committed Board of Directors and Volunteers that make our wheels turn everyday.

  4. Thank the Mamas. Our Mamas matter so much at LAF and our core mission is centered around a few inspiring women who took a stand and demanded better for themselves and their children.

  5. Thank the Children! These kids are the hope and light of our lives and the community they live in.

Meals will not only continue to be delivered to children directly in parking lots on Parkway, but freely available within walking distance at a familiar location. 

This new location will create 5 new jobs, including 4 mothers who have come through our programs which will now guide others through their journey to redemption. An addition of a Program Manager will bring order to the chaos and strengthen the consistency these children rely on from LAF.

After School Program will not be a monumental feat of logistics to accomplish a few times a week, rather a daily and transformational part of a young person on Parkway’s life. 

Please accept our Gratitude for helping make all of this possible!

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